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Turn Your Story into a Bestseller: Publish and Promote Your Manuscript with

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Unlock the full potential of your book with expert guidance, extensive reach, and a supportive author community.

For a stress-free experience, publish under our banner & still get 100% royalty net of sales

Have FULL OWNERSHIP of your book

Set up your account for worldwide dominance with our global book distribution

Maintaining 100% Control and Ownership of Creative Rights

Executing the right Publisher approach, at the right time


Empower your publishing journey with Atticus Publishing - full ownership, expert marketing, and global distribution.

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Why Publish & Market Your Book With Us?

Global Distribution

Atticus Publishing guarantees your book is available on Amazon and 40,000+ online bookstores worldwide, plus connections with 3,000+ physical bookstores, libraries, and 1,000 media outlets.

Full Copyright Ownership

Authors retain full copyright ownership of their works, which is a significant advantage for those wanting to maintain control over their intellectual property​

Expert Support

Authors are provided with a production manager and access to a customer center for ongoing support throughout the publishing process. This support includes editorial evaluations, proofreading, cover design, and interior layout services​

Publishing Packages

Atticus Publishing offers three packages—Standard, Advanced, and Elite—ranging from basic eBook and paperback formatting to unlimited editing, professional website creation, and comprehensive marketing support.

Marketing Packages

Their marketing packages enhance authors' online presence with services like marketing consultation, Amazon A+ content design, and book launching guides.

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Amazon Best Sellers
Amazon Best Sellers

Results-driven solutions backed by unbeatable customer support


Atticus Publishing. Be Your Own Publisher. Start Your Publishing Journey!


About Atticus

Navigating Publishing Together, Upholding Creativity

We are a group of publishing & book marketing professionals passionate about literature to the core.


With the conventional publishing industry disrupted by changes in the digital age, many creators are still experiencing the challenges and pitfalls of publishing and marketing their books, often losing artistic control.


We know how much time and effort it takes to put together a publishable book, so we at Atticus Publishing advocate that authors own their work and intellectual property.


Our mission is to provide utmost support in all aspects of the publishing process, such as editing, design, and marketing so that authors can publish their unique stories while maintaining creative control over their works.

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