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A Success Story Worth Telling

In collaboration with Atticus Publishing, we're thrilled to congratulate Donna Lynd, the gifted author of "Leaving Innocence: A Gran and Bass Olson Mystery." Her significant accomplishment in the bookstore display campaign is a beacon of inspiration for local authors. 🌟

Navigating the Book Publishing Labyrinth

The journey from manuscript to bookshelf is often complex and challenging, particularly for local authors. Donna's success in showcasing her book in FIVE local bookstores demonstrates her resolve and passion. Her engaging book signing event has further added a personal connection with her readers, a rare and valuable aspect in today's digital world. 🖊️📖

The Power of Local Bookstores

This achievement highlights the crucial role of locally owned bookstores in the literary landscape. They're not just places to buy books; they are cultural hubs that connect the community. By featuring works from local authors like Donna, they support the nurturing and showcasing of homegrown talent.

Building a Community Relationship

For authors, forging relationships with local bookstores is essential. This symbiosis benefits both authors, who gain visibility, and bookstores, which offer unique, local content. Such partnerships enrich community engagement and literary appreciation.

Shoutouts and Appreciation

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the bookstores that have championed Donna Lynd's journey:

Russo's Books: Bakersfield, CA

Lido Village Books: Newport Beach, CA

Claremont Forum Bookshop: Claremont, CA

Village Well Books & Coffee: Culver City, CA

Newsboy Books:Ontario, CA

The Journey of "Leaving Innocence"

Donna Lynd’s "Leaving Innocence: A Gran and Bass Olson Mystery" is more than a book – it's a showcase of perseverance, passion, and thrilling adventures that captivate readers. Its presence in local bookstores celebrates the art of storytelling and the profound connections authors establish with their audience. 📚❤️

Continuing the Support

We celebrate Donna’s success and encourage continued support for our local authors and bookstores. They are the pillars of our literary community, nurturing stories that resonate deeply with us. Let's keep filling our bookshelves with compelling local stories like Donna's.

Should you want to know more about Donna's journey, follow her on social media:

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