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In Victory Steps to overcome Diabetes, Dr. Grace Ogala outlines her remarkable journey of overcoming diabetes, one that took her from the perilous grip of diabetes to a revitalized life. This book is not merely a personal memoir; it is a profound roadmap designed to guide others on their quest to overcome diabetes. This book will serve as a quick reference guide for people living with diabetes, those struggling to lose weight, as well as those living with hypertension, elevated cholesterol, and chronic kidney disease.

For the writing of this book is exciting to me, of us being able to prepare for Jesus’s return. And as the Scriptures, which as originally being the old ancient Scrolls say, to watch and pray means that; the Son of God, which is Jesus, really would like to have us come with Him on His return to the Father’s house in Heaven, at the end of time.


In the beginning, God in mind moved with energy and intelligence and idealized the perfect form that would embody His very essence and Divine Image - the Perfect-Son idea. As the thought-form of the Perfect-Son takes on consciousness it becomes "Spirit-man" with its own feelings, emotions and free-will. As Spirit-man's thoughts became selfish it sought to express itself away from the Creator and entered the earth plane where it became entangled in materialism. Its consciousness now more "earthy" than "heavenly," and its thoughts dualistic, believing in both good and evil (The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil). 

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