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Reviewed By: Pikasho Deka

"Bittersweet and filled with tragedy, romance, and melodrama, Full Circle is an absorbing novel that contemporary romance readers will savor with relish."


This poignant narrative unveils the life journey of a spirited young girl born in 1962, brimming with energy and aspirations. Set against the backdrop of a small suburb in Denver, Colorado, her story takes an unexpected turn as she faces a mysterious and challenging health ordeal. The unfolding events lead her through a maze of medical uncertainties, revealing the profound impact on her life. 

Reviewed By: anonymous

"A heartfelt journey of self-discovery and redemption"

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Full Circle tells the story a young carefree Kate who falls in love for the first time at the age of sixteen, fueled by her early teen defiance and through young love's misguided passion to pursue a relationship fraught with ups and downs. As the years pass, Kate navigates the tumultuous waves of young love, facing betrayal, heartache, and pain along the way. 

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