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1. Editorial Evaluation

Before submitting your book for production, let’s make sure that your book is ready and has no errors that will damage your reputation.

A Professional Editor will assess your manuscript and will provide feedback once done. You will then receive a report outlining the strengths and weaknesses of your book with sample pages that our team has edited.

2. Copy Editing

Our team will identify any grammar and spelling mistakes, correct syntax and sentence structure, and ensure your manuscript adheres to a clear and consistent style.

3. Advanced Editing

Your manuscript will have deep revisions for copy editing, improving logical flow, sentence structure, reorganization, and rewriting. This level of editing will improve the tone of your author's voice, making sure your readers would have a great experience.

They will closely examine your book’s content and make suggestions necessary for its success.



1. Customized Cover Design

In our Custom Cover Design Service, our experienced book designers will create three custom cover designs for you to choose from. You can express your ideas and expectations for the cover design.

Our Tenured Cover Designers will then translate that vision and show you three striking cover concepts. You’ll have unlimited revision service to ensure you’re delighted with the outcome. Custom Cover Design is only available if the Production Manager recommends it and after purchasing a publishing package.

2. Illustration Service

One of Atticus Publishing’s talented studio artists will work with you to create custom illustrations that capture your book’s unique style. We offer two levels of illustration service: Basic Illustration and Advanced Illustration. 

Feel free to share your ideas with our Production Manager so we can recommend a level of illustration that matches your story. Click here to view the sample illustrations.



1. D-F-Y (Do It For You) Route 

This is where it gets exciting!

We at Atticus Publishing are advocates for letting artists own their work. To ensure that you retain the rights to your book, our team will help you set up all necessary registrations so you can publish your book via Ingram or Amazon. All income or royalties will be directed straight into your bank account.


Your Production Manager will walk you through all steps of the registration process. We also have an infographic to guide you.

2. Supported Publishing Route

With all the technicalities involved when choosing the

D-I-Y route, it may be difficult to keep track of sales, book orders, marketing, and many more. If you want peace of mind and focus on what you do best, which is writing books, this is perfect for you!


After your book has been approved for printing, you can choose to have your book published under Atticus Publishing. Here are the benefits:

  • Our production team will upload & distribute your book to over 40,000 online bookstores globally.

  • No hassle in account set-up.

  • Have an assigned Book Consultant to process book orders and enjoy promotional book discounts.

  • Receive our monthly tips on how to market your book effectively.

  • Get 100% Royalties Net of sales.

  • Quarterly Royalty Report

*This route is only $99/year and will be billed one year after your book is published.



Marketing is critical in your publishing journey. Sadly, not many authors invest time and research in this process. Writing and Distributing your book for sale is not enough. The good thing with Atticus Publishing is that we spend most of our budget on research and development to ensure effective and measurable services for your book.

We have prepared helpful marketing infographics to jumpstart your journey. These guides will help you launch your book, connect to indie bookstores near you and build your online brand.

Your Project Manager and Marketing Consultant will also collaborate with you to provide an effective solution to market your book.

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