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Pre-Publication Marketing Package

Book Store Returnability Program

Before submitting your book to printers, we will "tag" your book as returnable. This will enhance your sales potential since bookstore owners are more comfortable in displaying copies that are returnable.

Professional Book Review
We will submit your book to an influential writer or an established reviewer and ask for their thoughts about your book. Book reviews help establish your credibility.

Atticus Publishing Book Review
Our professional writers will review your book and rate it up to 5 stars. You can use the 5-star seal to be placed on your book cover.

Advanced Reviewer's Copy (ARC)

The distribution of ARCs plays a crucial role in building pre-release buzz and generating early reviews for books. By leveraging the opinions and influence of reviewers, bloggers, and influencers, authors and publishers can increase the visibility and desirability of their books among readers, potentially leading to greater sales and success upon the book's official launch.


Book Launching Bundle

Press Release Campaign
Our team will announce your book via a compelling article to over 1,000 media outlets like TV, radio, magazine, and web pages.

Spotlight TV Interview
Share the message of your book with thousands of relevant viewers on TV. Logan Crawford, an Emmy-award anchor, and Hollywood Actor will do a one-on-one interview with you about your book.

Podcast Tour Publicity Campaign
Build an audience by sharing your book on relevant podcast shows. Have lined-up interviews to share your message on air and make your book visible to potential podcast listeners.

Goodreads Giveaway
This is a social media platform for book lovers with over 90 million members. We will advertise you book for 30 days and give 100 lucky members a copy for a book review.


Our highly trained Marketing Consultants are given monthly market analysis from our

research team to help decide other options suitable for you.  These are services that we can offer for your marketing campaign, ONLY IF NEEDED:

Media Campaign

Book Signing
Book Exhibit
Bookstore Display
International Book Exhibit
Radio Show Guesting
Radio Commercial
TV Show Guesting
TV Commercial
Magazine Review
Magazine Advertising
Book Competition
Cinematic Book Competition
Traditional Press Release



Specialty Services

Marketing Packages

Check Out Which Package Fits Your Needs

Marketing Service

Logan Crawford is an Actor and Emmy award-winning Anchor, Reporter, Talk Show Host, and Comic with recurring roles on such hit TV shows as: "Blue Bloods," "The Blacklist," "House of Cards," "Person of Interest," and "Daredevil."


He's recently worked with Robert De Niro and Al Pacino on Netflix's "The Irishman." And on the Oscar-winning film: “The Big Short” starring Brad Pitt and Christian Bale.

Need help in marketing your book?

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