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Discover The Secrets In Book Publishing & Marketing, And Learn How Authors Achieve Amazon Best-Seller Rankings

Getting professional assistance in book creation & editing 

Receiving unbiased editorial feedback based on your writing style

Uncover the techniques of launching & creating momentum for book sales

Maintaining 100% Control and Ownership of Creative Rights

Stress-Free Experience and Transparency in Sales & Royalties


Why Publish And Market Your Book With Us?

Learn Proven And Effective Ways To Promote Your Book

  • How to effectively launch your book & create momentum for book sales

  • Why customer reviews are essential for book success

  • How to connect to your local bookstores

  • Boost your online visibility

  • Get professional marketing recommendations from Atticus Publishing’s Marketing Advisor

Build Your Very Own Publishing Empire

  • Get royalties deposited directly into your bank account

  • Set up your account for worldwide dominance with our global book distribution 

  • Have FULL OWNERSHIP of your book

  • For a stress-free experience, publish under our banner & still get 100% royalty net of sales

Get Professional Assistance In Creating Your Book.

  • Cover & Interior book design services

  • Editing services suited to your Writing Style or Author's Voice

  • Illustration Services

  • Professional feedback from our Publishing Advisor


About Atticus

Navigating Publishing Together, Upholding Creativity

We are a group of publishing & book marketing professionals passionate about literature to the core.


With the conventional publishing industry disrupted by changes in the digital age, many creators are still experiencing the challenges and pitfalls of publishing and marketing their books, often losing artistic control.


We know how much time and effort it takes to put together a publishable book, so we at Atticus Publishing advocate that authors own their work and intellectual property.


Our mission is to provide utmost support in all aspects of the publishing process, such as editing, design, and marketing so that authors can publish their unique stories while maintaining creative control over their works.

May - 2024

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Douglas Reynolds
Douglas Reynolds
Douglas Reynolds

Results-driven solutions backed by unbeatable customer support

See your book soar to the top of Amazon's bestseller list
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Expand your knowledge by reading from prominent publishing experts on how they market and publish their books.

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