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5 Steps to Strategic Book Marketing & Author Branding

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

You're probably ecstatic about your first content publication as an aspiring new book author. It's a fantastic feeling to finally be able to share your ideas with the rest of the world.

However, many authors make the mistake of leaving book marketing until the last minute.

Marketing is at the heart of every business. You must be heard in order to gain prospects, and you must have prospects or clients in order to have a business. The absence of this is unquestionably disastrous.

Here are five incredibly simple steps to marketing your book.

Raising Awareness

Increasing awareness is like laying a solid foundation for your book/author branding. And the most effective and cost-effective method is to use social media.

Making a Facebook page for yourself and the book is one of the simplest ways. Please share it with the rest of the world. Make your voice heard online. A strong online presence is a surefire way to reach your target audience. Join groups or communities to bring people together. Check this blog to know more about social media and which platform is best for you:

Create a website to establish your brand as an author. Your website will tell your potential readers about you, display an excerpt of your book, and sell your book and other products like training or seminar.

Drive traffic to your content.

You've joined social media, and have engaged with your potential readers online. The following step is to inform people about your book and its CONTENT.

Just like what all established and successful marketers say, CONTENT IS KING.

On social media, create posts with snippets of words from your book. Let them know you're sharing your world with them and that they're a part of it. Take a video reading a section of your book and post it online. Be creative in engaging with your audience. Make videos that allow viewers to connect with your content. Tiktok is currently one of the most popular video platforms.

You can also discuss talk about your book via podcasts. Be on Radio or TV shows to share your book with targeted readers. You’re the best person to go out there and talk about your book.

In your website, regular blog posts will drive traffic to your website. Your blogs could be topics discussed in your book or anything under the sun. Your readers would love to know you personally. It does not have to be daily, but it should be consistent. Inform your audience that you will post blogs on your website twice a week or once weekly.

Make sure to mention your website in every content you make on social media. When you're interviewed on a podcast show, always mention your social media pages and website. This is what you call CTA – which will be elaborated on below.

Create a memorable Call To Action.

If you want people to read your blogs, direct them to your website. Do you want more people to interact with your page? Be present for them on social media and answer their questions by demonstrating that you are the go-to person for the topic relevant to your book.

Once they have been directed to your website, the goal is for all visitors to provide their email addresses.

You can be very creative in giving them a memorable call-to-action or CTA. For example, they can download one of your books for free in exchange for their email address.

Once they have provided their name and email, they can now be part of your newsletter where they get instant notification once you’ve posted content, blog, or newsletter.

Bonuses and newsletters are always more effective when combined.

Incentivize your newsletter mailing list. Send an in-depth look or chapter titles from your book to your newsletter. People adore bonuses and other perks. They want to get something out of their time with you. You accomplish this by adding value to them.

The greater the value you offer, the better. Book marketing is all about putting your audience first rather than yourself.

Include things that people will want to read more of in your book. Make it downloadable, and give your audience ownership of the FREE excerpts from the book you're giving them.

It's all about sales.

The steps outlined above are intended to generate more than just awareness, but also an appetite for your audience to purchase from you. Once you’ve increased your mailing list on your website or followers on social media, it will be easier for you to sell your book to them. Let alone, when you publish another book, you already have an active audience ready and waiting!

Yes, it may sound cliche, but you're an author who wants your book to be purchased or, better yet, sold out. Make it a best-selling author!

The chapter concludes with:

As a first-time book author and self-made marketer, you must create an awareness campaign so that people recognize you. People will be drawn to bits and pieces of your content, leaving them wanting more. Your call-to-actions will act as tour guides, leading people to believe that you are the go-to upcoming book author. Offer bonuses to your readers and invite them to your inner circles. You'll be a best-selling author in no time if you don't know it.

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