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Amazon vs. Other Online Retailers: Navigating the Self-Publishing Maze

In the world of self-publishing, the digital platform chosen by an author can have a significant impact on their book's success. While Amazon stands as the Goliath of the online book retail space, there are several other Davids in the form of platforms like Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks, and Kobo. For a self-published author, understanding the nuances of these platforms is crucial. Let’s dive deep into the advantages and challenges of each.

Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)


Tailored for the Independent Author: KDP is designed with self-published authors in mind. It offers a suite of intuitive tools to smoothly guide authors from manuscript to market.

Reach and Royalties through KDP Select: This program allows authors to tap into Kindle Unlimited, a service with millions of subscribers, and get paid based on pages read.

Democratizing Print: No more gatekeeping or upfront printing costs. With Amazon's print-on-demand, any author can have their book in print format without the hassles of inventory.

Powerful Advertising: The integrated Amazon Advertising platform provides a boost to books, helping them rise above the ocean of titles.

Feedback Mechanism: Amazon's review system is globally recognized, helping self-published authors build credibility and receive constructive feedback.


A Crowded Marketplace: The very platform that promises visibility also hosts millions of titles, making it a challenge to stand out.

Earnings vs. Exposure: With royalties sometimes dipping to 35% for eBooks priced outside the $2.99 to $9.99 bracket, authors need to strike a balance between profitability and pricing strategy.

Golden Handcuffs of KDP Select: The benefits of KDP Select come at the price of digital exclusivity. Authors need to assess if this trade-off is right for them.

Algorithmic Reliance: A book's success can hinge on Amazon's ever-changing algorithms, often leaving authors at their mercy.

The Impersonal Giant: Personalized support and human touch are often amiss, making authors rely on forums and communities for help.

Exploring Beyond Amazon: The Alternatives


Diverse Horizons: Platforms like Apple iBooks or Kobo cater to specific reader segments, giving authors a chance to target niche audiences.

Pricing Power: Greater control over pricing and promotions allows for more customized marketing strategies.

Wider Distribution Avenues: No exclusivity means freedom to spread one's work across multiple platforms, maximizing reach.

A Closer Community: Smaller platforms often foster closer-knit communities, offering personalized support and engagement opportunities.


Juggling Act: Different platforms come with varied requirements. From eBook formats to promotional guidelines, it's a lot to manage.

Volume vs. Visibility: While a book might be more visible on a smaller platform, the sales volume often doesn't compare to Amazon.

Revenue Realities: Even with better royalty rates, the overall earnings could be lower due to fewer sales.

Limited Arsenal: Most alternative platforms lack the extensive promotional and analytical tools that Amazon boasts.

Are you confused about how to move forward with your next book? How about getting the best of both worlds?

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Here are other benefits you'll get:

Get professional assistance in creating your book/s:

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  • Have FULL OWNERSHIP of your book

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  • Why customer reviews are essential for book success

  • How to connect to your local bookstores

  • Boost your online visibility

  • Get professional marketing

If you want to work with publishing professionals who can implement these ideas at ease, feel free to contact our team.

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