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Be TV and Radio Interview READY!

Congratulations! You’ve finally published your book!

But as authors, we know the road does not end there. We need to let people know that our masterpiece exists and is ready for the taking.

With lots of book marketing strategies you can utilize, one approach that allows you to connect with your target audience while introducing yourself to new readers at the same time is by joining Radio and TV Interviews!

But like with all interviews, you need to make a good first impression.

Yes, it can be nerve-racking but don’t worry, we got you covered!

Here are surefire tips ATTICUS PUBLISHING always advise to our authors that will help you become interview-ready.

#1 – Be Prepared!

Interviews can sometimes be intimidating, and that’s normal BUT there are ways to reduce anxiety and one of which is to prepare.

Though some shows do pre-interviews, most of them revel in the spontaneity of interviews, so it’s best to practice and have an answer ready for potential questions. You can watch TV or Radio interviews on the internet and pretend that you are the one being asked. This will allow you to practice answering interview questions. People love great stories so when you answer, make sure that the goal is to get the viewers and listeners interested and excited to read your book! Anyway, it’s your book so you should be able to answer all questions thrown at you!

Tip: Practice in front of a mirror or record yourself to know what you sound like!

#2 – Stay calm. Be brief and concise!

Nothing’s worse than being nervous! You could be speaking way too fast or taking too long to answer after the question has been asked.

FOCUS. You are there to let the audience know a little bit about your book and why they should read it. You are there to share your story and inspire and excite the audience. If you stutter, mumble, speak too fast or ramble on for several minutes, your listeners might lose track of what you’re saying.

A helpful tip is to remember the Rule of Three.

The Rule of Three is widely used in writing and speaking. It states that any idea, story, or thought is best presented in threes as it is more effective and memorable. Research shows that we can recall about three things from our short-term memory, so it is best to condense your answer into 1 to 3 sentences so your audience can easily grasp your message.

#3 – Listen to the interviewer/host.

Interviewers are not there to make you look bad. They are there to guide you, so let them! Do not interrupt them when they are talking, asking questions, or when they are sharing their thoughts.

Though it might be tempting to respond to them, a simple nod will do! And once they’re done asking the question, take a deep breath, and then answer!

#4 – Look the Part

Looking professional during an interview is a sign of respect for the interviewer and your audience (and mind you, you are there to win them over!). So don something you would wear to the office.

You might say, “But it’s just a radio interview!” or “Nah, it’s just a virtual interview.”

Yes, you could dress casually but studies show that dressing up for an interview (even if it’s just a phone interview) allows you to communicate effectively, enhances your speaking ability and gives you that extra boost of confidence you need!

So grab your suit (or your Sunday’s best) and look dapper in your interview!

For remote interviews:

#5 – Check your internet connection!

Nothing is more irritating than listening to or watching an interview wherein the guest’s line is choppy.

Consider connecting directly to your router (Ethernet) or sitting near your WIFI router.

You want a smooth interview so make sure the force is strong in this one!

#6 – Check your background

When doing interviews at home, it is best to be in a quiet, tidy, and well-lit room. Having Fido with you might calm your nerves but can be a source of distraction for everyone when he starts throwing a fit!

If you’re not proud of your home décor or want a more professional look when you do your interview, try downloading background images online!

#7 – Be an hour early to test your audio and video

This is crucial to your interview! Give yourself ample time to check your AV settings. This can save you time and spare you from the embarrassment of AV problems during the interview.

When checking your video, make sure that your face is visible. Ensure that the camera is level with your face. You don’t want to be too far from the camera or scare the audience by being too close. Get a good angle and make sure you are at the center of the screen.

For both live and remote interviews -

#8 – Relish the moment!

TV/Radio interviews are meant to be fun and engaging – so have fun!

This is YOUR moment. So take this time to promote your book and connect with your audience or listeners. If the audience can sense you are having fun and enjoying the interview, they will be drawn to you and most likely pick up your book!

Before you step out and do your interview, make sure you follow these steps, and you’ll be on your merry way to making your book a success! Remember, you are there to share your story. You are there to inform, inspire and share your message to the world through this interview. As an author, you're the best person to talk about your book.

So make this worth your while. You got this!

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