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Unlocking the Power of Your Website: Best Practices for Attracting More Readers

A website for readers to subscribe to is a great way to increase one’s readership. This website is a bridge that would connect you and your readers, it serves as a gateway for non-avid readers to be introduced to an immersive virtual library. This website must be user-friendly and simple too so that it can attract a vast number of subscribers. These are the different ways for readers to subscribe to your website. These things may help you in your journey to be their reading platform.

1. Make the subscribe button easy to find

An accessible subscribe button is the most obvious way to garner subscribers. It is essential to draw your readers’ or website visitors’ eyes toward the subscribe button. For them to have an easy way to find it, you may put it in an optimal or ideal location like on the top right portion of the page. Make it noticeable, in this way, they would have a hassle-free way to find it, and clicking it would be an easy decision.

2. Use a simple opt-in form

By using a simple opt-in form, you can collect the emails of the website visitors. You may use a simple form that asks them for their email address, then afterward, the payment form follows. Avoid asking for too much unnecessary information. This may be time-consuming for some readers. Just keep it a straightforward process.

3. A simple way of payment

A straightforward payment is great but make sure that there would be different methods of payment like credit or debit cards or an online payment application. Having these options would ensure visitors could subscribe in a way that is convenient for them. And making sure that the payment method is safe and secure is vital. As for underaged readers who want to subscribe, there must be parental guidelines.

4. Offering vast content

Contents that are unique, interesting, informative, and valuable are a must. Having such reading materials would attract different readers from all walks of life. Young or elderly readers may choose the books to read. A parental restriction may be applied to keep underaged readers access to age-exclusive content. It is also important to have high-quality content to keep your readers engaged in your website. You can also put on a top list of the trending books or the hot reads so that new readers or subscribers could keep up with the latest trend on the website.

5. Have plans in your subscriptions

Having a subscription plan may help those readers who have a tight budget to subscribe to your website. Subscription plans could be divided into two: Standard and Premium. Standard contents could access all the contents except the exclusive ones of the Premium plan. These plans may be monthly or yearly. For assurance, just make sure there would be an option for readers to cancel their subscriptions.

6. Offering exclusive content

Offering exclusive content for your premium subscribers such as early access to content or exclusive articles from authors. This strategy can make other nonpremium users upgrade to a premium plan. Which means it would be leverage for you. This could also help you in perceiving your price range for each subscription plan.

7. Offering promo discounts or giving freebies

Discounts are a staple business strategy to attract consumers. Promo discounts can also entice website visitors to subscribe. For example, offering 10% to 50% off in the first month of a subscription is a great value offer. Giving a freebie like a free e-book each day for the week of subscription. These strategies would be making a great profit for you. Having a monthly promo discount for an exclusive e-book from a famous author that readers must pay for is also a great way to gain subscribers or extend their subscription.

8. Advertising your subscription

Promote the subscription through your website, social media channels, and other marketing channels. You can also make a short advertisement for streaming sites or platforms. This can encourage your readers to share your content and make others to subscribe your website. Making your website known throughout any platform is a great strategy to garner a lot of subscribers. You can also advertise the number of subscribers on your website so that it can boost your public appeal.

9. Offer a free limited-time or trial subscription

This is a simple way to make a reader subscribe. It can help a reader to explore the contents of your website. The subscription may have exclusive content for them to be encouraged to a have paid monthly subscription.

10. Have a mobile application for your website

In this day and age, mobile phones are the go-to device of most people. Some use laptops or desktops. But the handy ones are the most preferred. It may be a tablet or a cellphone. You can make a mobile application for your website so that readers can read their books in the palm of their hands. It can make your website versatile for your readers. They can read their books anytime and anywhere they want.

Subscribers or the readers are the lifelines of your website, without them, you cannot move forward. Having a large number of subscribers means your website is thriving. So, having a list of your subscribers’ emails is vital in many ways. Primarily, you can communicate with your readers. Building a good relationship is important. You may open yourself with opinions and suggestions to improve your websites service. Secondly, you can control your website’s traffic. In this way, you can manage the number of people visiting your website. A constant monitoring of the web traffic is crucial for your website to avoid crashing. Lastly, it is an important asset for your marketing purposes, you can use your subscriber list to advertise your products or services. In short, a reader’s subscription is a need for every reading website. Just make sure to continue improving and innovating your website so that it would thrive and stand the test of time and withstand the competing reading platforms or media.

If you want to implement these things at ease, feel free to contact our team and we’d be happy to assist you.

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