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What is a Reader Magnet and How Does It Work?

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

In the dynamic world of publishing, authors and publishers are constantly seeking innovative strategies to engage readers, build their audience, and ultimately drive book sales. One such strategy that has gained significant traction is the utilization of reader magnets.

Utilizing reader magnets as part of an author's marketing strategy offers several significant benefits. Here are some key advantages of having a reader magnet:

  • Attracting and Engaging Readers

  • Building an Email List

  • Establishing Author-Reader Connection

  • Generating Buzz and Preparing for Book Launches

  • Increasing Book Sales and Discoverability

  • Strengthening Author Brand and Platform

In this blog post, we'll explore how authors can employ reader magnets for both fiction and non-fiction books, unleashing their potential to captivate audiences and boost their success.

I. Fiction Books:

Fiction authors have a unique opportunity to immerse readers in captivating worlds and narratives. Reader magnets can be employed effectively to showcase their writing style, entice readers, and build a dedicated fan base. Here are two effective ways to use reader magnets in the realm of fiction:

Short Stories or Prequels:

Short stories or prequels serve as excellent reader magnets for fiction books. By crafting a standalone story that complements the main book or serves as a prelude to it, authors can provide readers with a taste of their storytelling prowess. These condensed narratives allow readers to experience the author's writing style, character development, and the essence of the fictional world. If readers are captivated by the reader magnet, they are more likely to delve into the complete novel, generating book sales and fostering a loyal readership.

Character Profiles or Bonus Content:

Readers often form strong connections with the characters in a fictional work. Authors can leverage this by creating character profiles or offering bonus content that delves deeper into the lives and backstories of their beloved characters. By providing exclusive insights, additional stories, or hidden details about the characters, authors can create a sense of exclusivity and engagement for their readers. These character-focused reader magnets keep fans invested in the series or author's works, bridging the gap between book releases and solidifying their connection with the readership.

II. Non-Fiction Books:

While non-fiction books primarily offer knowledge, insights, and practical advice, employing reader magnets can significantly enhance an author's reach and impact. Here are two effective ways to employ reader magnets for non-fiction books:

Sample Chapters or Excerpts:

Non-fiction authors can offer a sample chapter or excerpt as a reader magnet. By providing readers with a sneak peek into the content, authors can showcase the value, relevance, and quality of their book. This enables readers to assess whether the book aligns with their needs and interests, increasing the likelihood of a subsequent purchase. The reader magnet acts as a compelling teaser, giving readers a taste of the valuable expertise and unique perspectives shared in the complete book.

Resource Guides or Cheat Sheets:

Non-fiction books often provide readers with practical guidance and actionable information. Authors can create supplementary resources such as resource guides, cheat sheets, or checklists that offer condensed and actionable insights related to the subject matter. These resources serve as valuable tools in themselves, allowing readers to implement specific strategies or techniques from the book. By offering these resources as reader magnets, authors not only provide value upfront but also establish themselves as authorities in their field, driving interest in their complete book and establishing a loyal readership.

Here's a sample Reader Magnet for a non-fiction book:

The A Grip On The Bible Infographic (1)
Download PDF • 3.86MB

Next step is to put this in your Landing Page.

1. Create a Landing Page or Opt-In Form:

Create a landing page or opt-in form on your website dedicated to your reader magnet. This page should clearly convey the value of your reader magnet and explain how readers can access it. Include an enticing headline, a brief description, and a visually appealing image or graphic related to your reader magnet.

Integrate the Opt-In Form with Your Email Marketing Service:

Connect your landing page or opt-in form with your email marketing service. This integration will allow readers to provide their email addresses and automatically add them to your mailing list. Follow the instructions provided by your email marketing service to set up the necessary connections and ensure that the opt-in process is seamless.


For this step, you can check on Email Marketing Service providers that have Landing Page Creation built into their system. Examples: Mailchimp, Covertkit, or AWeber

2. Craft a Compelling Call-to-Action:

Create a clear and compelling call-to-action (CTA) that prompts visitors to sign up and access your reader magnet. Use action-oriented language and emphasize the benefits readers will receive by subscribing. Place the CTA prominently on your landing page, making it visually appealing and easy to locate.

3. Promote Your Reader Magnet:

Drive traffic to your landing page or opt-in form by promoting your reader magnet through various channels. Leverage your website, social media platforms, author newsletters, and other relevant channels to create awareness and generate interest. Consider utilizing paid advertising or collaborating with other authors or influencers to expand your reach.

4. Follow Up and Engage with Your Subscribers:

Once readers sign up to access your reader magnet, set up an automated welcome email sequence to engage with them further. Thank them for subscribing, deliver the promised content, and provide additional information about your books and upcoming releases. Nurture your subscribers by regularly sending valuable content, updates, and exclusive offers to maintain their interest and foster a strong author-reader relationship.

By leveraging the potential of reader magnet, authors can cultivate a loyal readership, boost book sales, and establish a lasting presence in the literary world.

If you want to implement these marketing strategies at ease, feel free to talk to our team.

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